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Courier and express transport
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Flexible Abholung der Sendungen

Flexible pickup

We attach great importance to flexibility and can pick up your shipment anywhere in Germany and Europe within just 60 - 120 minutes. On request, collection can also be scheduled for a desired FIX date.
Direkte Lieferung

Direct delivery

We have the shortest delivery times on the transport market because our couriers drive directly to your destination without any stops in between. What we are particularly proud of: our punctuality rate is currently 99.50%.

Transport insurance

Thanks to our reliable courier service transport insurance, your shipment in Germany and Europe is always insured in the event of damage. Find out more about insurance here.

Guaranteed reliability

We guarantee that your transportation will always take place. In the event of an unexpected breakdown, we will immediately send a replacement vehicle from our network of over 50,000 vehicles in 29 countries.
Monitoring und Sendungsüberwachung

Monitoring 24/7

We monitor every shipment around the clock (24/7) and inform you as soon as the driver has collected and delivered the goods. Our on-call service is also available at weekends and on public holidays.
faire Kurierdienst Preise

Fair prices

We offer our customers fair prices because we focus on long-term cooperation. We respond to your e-mails within 15 minutes. You can also enquire about the price by phone or calculate it easily using our online calculator.


... trust fast direct deliveries for all industries
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Whether you have letters, parcels or pallets to transport - DAGO Express reliably takes care of all types of shipments in Germany and Europe.
  • Pakete werden zum Kurierdienst gebracht
  • Express Sendungen schneller als die Post
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Courier service

Our courier service prices apply in principle to special trips. The area of operation extends throughout Germany and Europe. We transport various goods such as Euro pallets, trade fair goods, building materials, machinery, parcels, but also urgent letters that need to be delivered quickly. To determine the exact price for a direct delivery, you can conveniently use our online price calculator.
Pickup time
Loading area
schnelle Lieferung per Minivan


150,00 €
60 - 120 Min.
via special trip
up to 2 euro pallets
(1,5 x 1,2 x 1,2 m)
max. 450 kg
Transporter für Direktfahrten


168,50 €
60 - 120 Min.
via special trip
up to 4 euro pallets
(3,2 x 1,3 x 1,7 m)
max. 800 kg
Planensprinter als Kurier

Small truck

218,35 €
60 - 120 Min.
via special trip
up to 10 euro pallets
(4,9 x 2,1 x 2,1 m)
max. 1200 kg
Kurierdienst Hotline
Hotline for Germany & all Europe
+49 335 553 104 24

Most popular vehicles for courier services

Minivan Transport


  • Delivery van up to 3,5t
  • Payload: 450kg
  • Euro pallet spaces: 2
  • Loading space: 160x120x120cm
  • Loading: from behind
Sprinter Express-Transport

Small truck

  • Delivery van up to 3,5t
  • Payload: 1200kg
  • Euro pallet spaces: 8-10
  • Loading space: 420x210x210 and 480x210x210cm
  • Loading: from the rear and side
Direktfahrt mit Hebebühne

Sprinter with tail lift and pallet truck

  • Delivery van up to 3,5t
  • Payload: 800kg
  • Euro pallet spaces: 8-10
  • Loading space: 420x210x210 and 480x210x210cm
  • Loading: from the back and side incl. lifting platform with lift truck

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Instant price calculation
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Online price calculation

Enter the zip codes in the online price calculator to determine the price for your special trip.

Order via our booking system or by e-mail

Fill out all the necessary data uncomplicatedly via our booking system or instruct us by e-mail. Specify the exact pick-up address, delivery address, contact details and billing address. Please do not forget the information about the type, dimensions and weight of the shipment.

Express Pickup

Thanks to our partners we are able to pick up your express shipment usually within 60 - 120 minutes all over Europe. Of course, there is also a possibility to organize the pickup on a specific date.

Direct Delivery

As we deliver around the clock, same day delivery is possible. If you need, the express delivery can also be the following day.
Transportversicherung von Schunck

Our courier services have transport insurance with Schunck Group

Schunck Group is definitely the European market leader in the field of logistics and transport insurance. The company has existed for over 100 years and is regularly selected by well-known transport and logistics companies throughout Europe.

Each shipment is insured for up to 8.33 SDR/kg gross weight. This corresponds to about 10,- EUR/kg gross weight. Depending on the damage, up to EUR 2,500,000 is covered for a direct shipment. In the case of higher value goods in transit, we are able to arrange appropriate additional insurance within a short period of time.

You can find out more about our courier service insurance here.

Frequently asked questions about our courier service

Is there a minimum size for the shipment?

No. For a courier service like DAGO there are no minimum size restrictions for shipments. It is not uncommon for important documents or data carriers such as USB sticks, hard drives and laptops or suitcases, personal documents and keys that need to be moved quickly from one place to another.

Is there a maximum size for a courier shipment?

The DAGO courier service offers its customers plenty of space: up to 10 Euro pallet spaces can be provided per vehicle (tarpaulin sprinter 480x210x210cm). If there is more demand, additional Sprinters will be made available at low cost.

What is the maximum weight that can be transported with the courier?

The maximum weight per courier vehicle is 1200 kg for nationwide transport and 1000 kg for Europe-wide transport.

How do I get information about the current shipment status?

You can track the current status of your shipment at DAGO Express via an exclusive online platform. Alternatively, you can always call or write to us to check the courier's current position.

How is the delivery of the shipment documented?

At DAGO Express, value is placed on transparency and reliability. Therefore, all transport documents are presented to the recipient for signature before the express shipment is handed over.

Can the delivery time of an express delivery be changed later?

The delivery time or the agreed time for the delivery of an express shipment can only be changed in exceptional cases and only after consultation with the DAGO Express scheduling department.

What happens if the recipient is not present when the delivery is made?

Only one delivery attempt is allowed for the delivery of a courier delivery. If the recipient is not there, another delivery location must be agreed in good time or the waiting time costs must be clarified until the recipient is on site.

Will I receive proof of delivery for my goods?

DAGO notifies its customers after each express delivery. The bills of lading will be sent electronically on request.

How must the goods be packed for transport?

The goods must be securely packed for each transport, otherwise the insurer can refuse to pay compensation in the event of damage. In the AGB of DAGO Express, Annex 2. Packaging guideline explains how the goods can be packed securely.

Can my shipment be delivered on another day?

If required, a shipment can also be delivered via DAGO on the following day. The date is set by the customer himself when the courier is commissioned.

Are the goods insured during transport?

With the DAGO courier service, all express goods are insured up to 8.33 SDR/kg gross weight (gross) during transport. This corresponds to around EUR 10/kg raw weight. More information can be found on the transport insurance.


Can shipments be sent by courier service in the evening and at weekends?

Yes. Shipments by express courier can be sent both in the evening and at the weekend. However, the order is only accepted after a short vehicle availability check. Such a request can easily be sent to DAGO by email to

Will the courier call before accepting or delivering packages?

The DAGO courier service does not know any "estimated delivery windows". Every effort is made to ensure that the drivers reach their destinations at the agreed times. This makes a telephone notification superfluous in most cases. On request, however, the scheduling department can ensure that the telephone notification is given one hour before arrival. A corresponding note should be made for this when the order is placed.

What are the terms of payment for the courier service?

Business customers have the option of conveniently paying on account at DAGO within 14 days. For private customers, only advance payment via PayPal or real-time transfer is accepted.

When is it worth hiring a courier service?

For urgent deliveries that urgently need to get from A to B and other "acute" transport orders, it always makes sense to hire a professional courier service like DAGO Express.

How quickly is a transport request answered?

At DAGO Express, speed is a top priority. Transportation requests during business hours are usually processed within 15 minutes. Orders can be easily requested using an online price calculator.

I would like to request an express transport. What information is required?

In order to request an express transport or an express trip, the following information is required: addresses for collection and delivery, possible collection and delivery times as well as the type, quantity, dimensions and weight of the Express shipment.

What distinguishes DAGO from other freight forwarders?

DAGO is an international express forwarding company specializing in special and direct deliveries. Since the quality standards in this business area are particularly high, only experienced couriers are used. This ensures that express shipping is always reliable and as quick as possible.

Which vehicles are used by the courier service?

Depending on which shipment has to be transported, different courier vehicles are used. Sometimes a lifting platform transport is necessary, which is offered by DAGO Express on favorable terms. With pallet trucks and lifting platforms / tail lifts, even complicated transport orders can be carried out reliably.

Can the driver help with loading/unloading the express shipment?

Yes. The DAGO Express courier service can help the driver to load and unload an Express shipment. However, if the shipment weighs more than 30 kg per unit or if the package is too bulky, the driver will need further help from you.

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