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You are looking for courier and transport orders in your region, in Germany or all over Europe? On our free platform for transport partners we offer attractive orders for:
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Special trips
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Receive transport orders via our new freight exchange

Our new freight exchange is online. Interested transport partners can register here. We would like to ask transport partners who are already registered to also register in the new system in order to gain access.

Simply register now using the button below. We look forward to welcoming you soon as a transport partner at DAGO Express.

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Hinweis für Transportpartner
Please note that the DAGO freight exchange is intended exclusively for transport companies that have their own vehicles. In addition, we only offer direct transports.

Subcontracting is strictly prohibited and will be penalized with a penalty of 100% of the freight remuneration and a permanent blocking of the DAGO exchange account.

Main benefits 
for our partners

Abwechslungsreiche Transportaufträge
A variety of transport tasks, mainly for the carriage of single parcels and pallets
Pünktliche Zahlung
Payment in 1 to 30 day(s) - you choose the method of payment (discount or without)
Ansprechpartner für Transportaufträge
We will inform you by SMS or e-mail when we have an offer near your location!
Kurzstrecken und Langstrecken
Short-haul (local) and long-haul mainly in Germany and throughout Europe
Attraktive Vergütung
We offer attractive rates and also pay surcharges for tunnels, ferries and highways
Kostenlose Frachtenbörse
The use of our platform is free of charge for all transport partners (subcontractors)

More benefits of our cooperation

Freight Control

Freight Control Department

If necessary, we navigate the driver and solve problems with loading and unloading.
Carrier Support Abteilung

Carrier Support Department

Carrier Support will assist you with registration and answer your questions. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving our platform:

Pünktliches Zahlungsziel

Punctual payment term

We pay bills regularly and without delays.
Respektvoller Umgang

Respectful treatment

Respect is in our corporate DNA and we are always ready to help our partners.
Rabatte auf Transportversicherungen

Discounts on insurance policies

Soon on offer for our transport partners...

Discounts on car parts

... also coming soon exclusively for our partners

What our partners say about us

Surveys among our forwarders have shown that a large majority of them would recommend us to others.
H2 Logistics Sp. Z o.o
We have been working with DAGO Express Kurierdienst GmbH for 3 years and experience professionalism, high work culture and punctual payment of invoices. Excellent contact with the dispatching department and accounting. We recommend this company with a clear conscience!
Dask Sp. Z O.o.
Very good contact around the clock and attractive freight offers. The payment is always on time. We consider DAGO Express Kurierdienst GmbH a trustworthy company and hope to see more such companies on the market.

Receiving courier orders 
here's how we do it

Schritt 1

Registration as a transport partner

Please complete the registration form at the top of the page and include carrier liability insurance and business registration. Verification of documents usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our FAQs.
Schritt 2

Offer & first order

Immediately after activation, you can log in to our platform and submit an offer for the first transport. Please note that you have to check independently on our freight exchange if suitable orders are available for you. We can also inform you about new offers in your area by e-mail or SMS. It is important to note that submitting a bid does not automatically result in the award of a contract. All bids are reviewed by our freight control department and in most cases the best bid is awarded the contract.
Schritt 3

Order acceptance and fulfillment

If we are interested in your offer, we will contact you by phone or e-mail. After we have discussed the conditions and reached mutual agreement (price, route, etc.), you will receive your transport order. Please note that orders are placed on the day of transport or the day before and not earlier. This means that orders are not placed, for example, several days before the pick-up date, but one day before or on the same day. An exception to this is orders where the pickup dates are early on a Monday or on the weekend. In these cases, orders are placed as early as Friday.
Schritt 4


Payment is made within 30 days from the date of receipt of a correctly issued invoice together with the complete transport documentation. We also offer cash discount, you can find more information about it after logging in the user panel under the item ''Payment''. Important: For all transports, DAGO is the ordering party. The invoice should be made out to DAGO only, not to the end customer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Open questions? 
We are here for you!
Let us tackle your project together and contact us today without obligation for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Essential basic reading for transport and courier partners at DAGO Express

The purpose of this list of frequently asked questions is to give you a better understanding of the basic processes used by DAGO Express so that you can carry out your transport orders smoothly from the outset and handle invoicing correctly. We therefore ask you to take your time and read through all the questions and answers below.

Registration & general information

What are the requirements for registering as a transport partner?

There are three important requirements for registering as a transport partner with DAGO Express: you need a business registration, a freight carrier insurance, and at least one vehicle of your own (Caddy, transporter, etc.). You can conveniently submit the required documents through the registration form. Once the documents are reviewed and your partnership is confirmed, you will receive a notification via email.

Is an application necessary if I want to work with DAGO Express?

No, registration on the DAGO Express website is sufficient and is also free of charge. After registering, simply upload the mentioned documents and wait for access to our freight exchange to be unlocked, typically within 1-2 weeks.

Am I in the right place with DAGO Express if I'm looking for permanent employment as a driver?

No, unfortunately not. DAGO Express does not offer permanent employment but only individual assignments. However, we do award assignments to independent subcontractors. Having your own business and vehicle are essential prerequisites for working with us.

Is the use of the DAGO Express freight exchange free of charge?

Yes, registration and use of our portal are completely free.

How often will I receive transport orders?

Instead of continuous workload, we offer individual transports that you can view online on a daily basis. Only when you are interested in carrying out a transport, please submit your price bid. In the event of a positive response, we will contact you by phone and assign the order.

Does a permanent employment contract come into effect between DAGO Express and the courier partner?

No, each freight contract is considered as an individual assignment, and it does not create a permanent contract between DAGO Express and the courier partner.

Where are the assignments carried out?

The assignments have various destinations: regional, national, or international.

What is most commonly transported?

Documents, packages, building materials, exhibition goods, Euro pallets, etc.

Can I become a transport partner as a driver without my own vehicle?

No, having your own vehicle as a transporter is a requirement for collaboration. Only transport partners who have at least one vehicle of their own can be considered for assignments.

Is one car enough to become a transportation partner?

Yes, indeed. Registering as a transport partner with one car only is perfectly acceptable. Small packages or letters can be easily transported with a car.

How long does it take to review my documents?

Typically, the review should be completed within 1-2 weeks after uploading the documents.

Is my presence required to be activated as a transport partner?

No, personal appearance is not necessary. After registration and uploading your documents, we will review them and then activate you as a transport partner. From that point, you can submit bids for transport orders and accept orders through the website.

What do I need to do to register/sign up?

It's as simple as this: Click here and then fill out the registration form.

Bidding and first transport order

How do I receive a courier assignment?

1. Log in with your account.
2. Submit your best offer for an open trip under "Available Transports."
3. In case of a positive response, we will contact you by phone and assign the order.

How much should my bid be to receive an order?

When assigning orders, reliability is our top priority. Of course, the offered price also plays a role in the decision.
Current average (net) prices:
- Up to 40 km: approximately €1.50 - €1.80 per km
- 41 - 100 km: approximately €0.65 - €0.85 per km
- Over 100 km: approximately €0.45 - €0.70 per km

When will the assignment take place?

Initially, all incoming offers are collected and then reviewed. You can expect the assignment to take place on the day before or the day of pickup. An exception is for orders where pickup occurs on the weekend or Monday morning; in that case, you can expect the assignment on Friday or no later than Monday morning.

How do I find available transport orders?

Once you are registered and activated, you can log in to our portal. In the "Available Transports" section, you can find all available transport orders and submit bids for them. If you are to be awarded an order, our team will contact you immediately by phone.

Do I automatically receive the order after submitting a bid?

Once you are registered and activated, you can log in to our portal. In the "Available Transports" section, you can find all available transport orders and submit bids for them. If you are to be awarded an order, our team will contact you immediately by phone.

How and when will I be informed about the allocation of an order?

Our team takes care of assigning transport orders. You will receive a phone call to confirm the award. Afterwards, we will send you a confirmation email containing relevant information about your transport order. You can also view your orders online.

How can I modify my bid?

If you wish to submit a new bid for the same order but with a different price, you need to withdraw the previous bid and submit a new one.

Is it possible to complete multiple assignments in one tour with my vehicle?

No, with our assignments, you are only allowed to transport the specified goods for that particular order. Each order is assigned to a specific vehicle.

Required documents

Why is freight carrier insurance necessary?

Freight carrier insurance covers damages to cargo that occur during transport. It protects the owner of the cargo from financial losses that can result from damage, loss, or theft of goods. This insurance is particularly beneficial when transporting valuable goods with a high risk of loss or damage.

Where can I get freight carrier insurance?

You can find freight carrier insurance, for example, at insureQ:

Is freight carrier insurance the same product as carrier insurance, and what is the difference between these insurances and vehicle liability or business liability insurance?

Yes, freight carrier insurance and carrier insurance refer to the same product. It provides coverage for cargo throughout the entire transport. A coverage amount of €50,000 is recommended for standard goods transport. In contrast, vehicle liability insurance only covers damage to your own and other vehicles, not the goods transported within them.

Business liability insurance, on the other hand, covers risks for business owners and protects you in cases where employees of a business cause damage to third parties or their property in a professional context. This includes personal and property damage, as well as financial losses resulting directly from personal and property damage.

Why do I need a business registration?

Business registration is required whenever you want to officially and legally engage in independent work. When starting a self-employed venture, you must register this business with the relevant authority. You will receive a business registration certificate after the registration, which allows you to collaborate with us.

Where can I obtain a business registration?

To obtain a business registration, you need to schedule an appointment with the local trade or regulatory office. You will need to provide all relevant information for your business during the appointment. After the registration, you will receive a business license, which allows you to collaborate with us.

Transport order execution in correct form

What should I do if there are no accompanying documents (e.g., delivery notes) at the loading location?

It is recommended to always carry a blank CMR (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) in such cases. The recipient can then fill out and sign the form at the loading location. Blank CMR forms can be ordered online.

Note: If no documents are found at the loading location, you must independently complete a CMR form and have it signed by the recipient. This proof will be necessary for the release of your invoice later.

What should I do if I anticipate being late?

If you anticipate that you will be late, please contact us immediately. Our team will then get in touch with the loading or unloading location to coordinate and support the smooth process.

What happens in case of transport damage?

If a shipment is damaged during transport, we expect you to inform us promptly. Document the damage with a photo and send it to You can also submit the documentation of the damage to us via email along with the photo. You can also easily contact us by phone.

Invoicing and payment

What are the requirements for invoicing?

To ensure a smooth and timely processing of your invoice, please consider the following information:
Invoice address:
DAGO Express GmbH
Karl-Marx-Straße 193
15230 Frankfurt Oder

Our tax ID is: DE342078274
Please send your invoices in PDF format to:

  • Payment period: The number of days is counted from the date of receiving a correctly issued invoice, along with the complete transport documentation provided to the contractor, including the waybill (CMR), delivery note, and any other documents requested by the client. (Please note that the provided email address is exclusively configured for processing electronic invoices).
  • Any other communication (questions, reminders, etc.) should be sent to the following email address:
  • Please follow this rule: 1 invoice with attachments = 1 PDF = 1 email.
  • Only invoices in PDF format are accepted. Other formats (Excel, Word, JPG) will not be processed.
  • Please ensure that the transport order number is listed on your invoice. In this case, we can accurately match your delivery/service and process your invoice promptly.

My company is not registered in Germany. What should I consider when invoicing?

If the courier partner's company is not based in Germany, the reverse charge procedure applies. In this case, the recipient of the service bears the tax burden. DAGO Express GmbH is the recipient of the service, as our transport partners provide a service to DAGO Express, namely the transport of goods. Therefore, when invoicing, the courier partner should only invoice the net amount for the transport order and not include value-added tax (VAT).

Is it necessary to include VAT on my invoice if I am a small business owner?

Small business owners do not have to, and in fact, should not separately list VAT according to § 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act). Only the net amount should appear on the invoice.

What is referred to as a delivery note or proof of delivery?

The proof of delivery, also known as a CMR document, confirms that a delivery has occurred at a specific time to a named recipient. This type of document is often used in logistics and freight management. It documents the initial delivery status and later confirms the proper delivery. Without this documentation, the recipient cannot determine whether damage to the goods occurred during pickup or during transport. The proof of delivery is also commonly referred to as "POD," which stands for "Proof of Delivery."

Is billing possible without proof of delivery?

No, we require the corresponding proof of delivery for billing an order.

Further topics

Is it possible to independently change the vehicle data I have entered?

Yes, you can easily change or edit your vehicle data in your profile under "VEHICLE FLEET."

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According to a survey, 99.81% of our transport partners would recommend us to others

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